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Authorized Service DTS-SZUBIN Piotr Trzciński exists since 1984.
At the end of the 1990s, we began to provide maintenance services. Over the years, our experience has allowed us to obtain authorization from leading European diesel and gas engine manufacturers, as well as the authorization of the American manufacturer of automatic transmissions. Uninterrupted development allows us to broaden the spectrum of action. From the very beginning the key to the business owner is the quality of workmanship. The high quality of our services and the words of appreciation from our customers make us proud of the fact that we are creating this well-rounded team every single day.

We have the necessary authorizations to provide our clients with the confidence of professionally and professionally made engine service for leading manufacturers. We service engines that are used in the wider marine, mining, construction, railway, oil, gas and agricultural industries, but also in the military industry. By focusing on the DTS Authorized Service, you mainly focus on the reliability of the work carried out, and on its quality.


DTS Szubin is not only engines, but also transmissions. We provide specialized services in the field of consulting, technical assistance, performance, overhaul and maintenance of engine gears. We approach each challenge with pleasure, individually and honestly. A number of our authorizations are completed by many years of experience in servicing and repairing the transmission.

Drive Systems

We also provide services consisting in the completion and delivery of ready drive systems for industrial applications in accordance with the needs of customers. Our company is not only focused on serial productions, because a large part of our customers are recipients of the unit. We help in both new and modernized devices / machines.

DTS Szubin

Autoryzowany Serwis Obsługi DTS-SZUBIN Piotr Trzciński
ul. Sielska 4, 89-200 Szubin Wieś/Polska

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Tel. ( 52 ) 384 39 41
Fax ( 52 ) 384 3941

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Tel. +48 667 622 714
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Tel. +48 601 566 502

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Tel. + 48 601 566 502

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